Megu Cafe

Megu Cafe

Sanjay & Megu

D. 8/1, Kalika Gali

Mobile: 9236519262

There's a Japanese restaurant right near Vishwanath mandir gullie called Megu Cafe.  It's run by a Japanese woman named Megu and her husband Sanjay.  All the food is made by Megu and it is amazing what good food can come out of a this small kitchen!  First I'll describe how you get there.  As you are waking up the main Vishwanath gullie, you'll notice a lot of bangle sand sari shops.  Keep looking up as you walk.  At some point you will see high above a sign board for Megu Cafe.  Turn right at the spot where the sign board is located.  There's stairs going up.  Follow the gullie as it bends to the left.  There's a Japanese decoration hanging in the gullie where Megu Cafe is located (on the right).  You will enter a paneled  room with five tables.  The menu is a simple laminated page with black and white print.  I ordered the most popular meal which is Veg & Egg Sushi Roll as well as the Bibimap (fried egg & spinach, spicy radish, fried eggplant and rice seasoned by kochu jang).  Both meals where quite good!  Also available are hot and cold teas, coffee and shakes.  For those who need to escape the hot weather, there's a split AC as well!  Keep in mind that the Megu Cafe is closed on Sundays.  There is also no bathroom in the Cafe.  Besides those two caveats, I have only positive things to say about this restaurant.  If you're in the Vishwanath gullie, come on by and say hello to Megu and Sanjay.

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